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Wrinkles, fine lines, sagging skin, and facial deflation may be an unavoidable consequence of the aging process, but that doesn't mean you have to live with them — cosmetic injectables have made it possible to reduce the signs of aging safely, effectively drastically, and without surgery. Dr. Frederick L. Stafford and the team at Contours in Laguna Hills and Long Beach, California, offer a complete menu of top-tier cosmetic injectables, including Botox® Cosmetic and dermal fillers. If you're inclined to turn back the hands of time, call your nearest office or schedule an appointment online today.

Botox and Fillers Q & A

What is Botox?

Botulinum toxin (Type A) is a natural, purified protein that’s used to diminish the appearance of wrinkles. Botox is a neuromodulator that works by blocking the nerve signals that cause your facial muscles to contract, leaving your skin looking naturally smoother.

Small doses of the protein are injected through a tiny needle into specific points in your facial anatomy to relax the underlying muscles and help diminish the appearance of deep wrinkles caused by your everyday facial expressions.

Although the term Botox is commonly used to describe all cosmetic injectables made with botulinum toxin, there are several different products available, each with varying formulations and potencies. Dr. Stafford and his team only use the safest, purest, and most effective neuromodulator products, including:

Botox Cosmetic

As one of the most active cosmetic tools for temporary wrinkle reduction, Botox Cosmetic is FDA-approved to improve the appearance of angry 11s, or the deep furrows between your eyebrows, and crow's feet, or the tiny smile lines at the corners of your eyes.


As one of the most highly purified forms of botulinum toxin available, Xeomin is used to help reduce the appearance of moderate to severe furrows, or frown lines, between the brows.


This highly advanced product is used to reduce the appearance of moderate to severe forehead lines. It’s administered at five precise points between and above your eyebrows for natural-looking results.    

What are dermal fillers?

If you’re looking for a safe, effective, nonsurgical way to temporarily reverse age-related facial deflation and smooth out wrinkles, dermal fillers can help.

Dermal fillers are minimally invasive cosmetic injectables made with collagen, hyaluronic acid, and other beneficial substances that help revitalize facial skin and add facial volume.

They can be used to diminish the appearance of deep lines around your eyes, brow, or mouth, change the contour of your jawline, subtly flesh out your cheeks, or even enhance thinning lips.

With immediate results, few risks or side effects, and no downtime, it’s not surprising that dermal fillers are one of the most popular offerings of aesthetic medicine.  

Dr. Stafford and his team offer a complete menu of high-quality dermal filler products, including:

Juvéderm® collection

This state-of-the-art line of hyaluronic acid fillers, including Juvéderm Voluma™ XC, is designed to instantly and subtly add volume to various areas of your face, including your cheeks and lips.  


This long-lasting dermal filler is used to restore volume and correct wrinkles in the area around your mouth and chin.  

Belotero Balance®

This popular filler helps smooth out and fill in moderate to severe nasolabial folds, or the wrinkles that extend from your nose to the corners of your mouth.

How does Kybella® work?

Kybella is an FDA-approved injectable treatment used to reduce submental fullness, or the area of excess chin fat that’s commonly referred to as a double chin. Its active ingredient is synthetic deoxycholic acid, a substance that can already be found in its natural form inside your body, where it helps your digestive system break down dietary fats.

When deoxycholic acid is injected into fat cells beneath your chin, it destroys their durability so they can no longer accumulate or store fat. As a result, your chin loses some of its fullness, and you gain an improved profile. Unlike other cosmetic injectables, Kybella delivers permanent results.   

How long do cosmetic injectables last?

Although cosmetic injectables are relatively long-lasting, they’re ultimately temporary. If you like your results, you’ll require periodic refresher treatments to maintain your look.

Botox treatments usually last three to six months, while many dermal filler treatments last for a year or longer. Depending on your individual treatment plan, Dr. Stafford can give you an idea of how long you can expect your results to last.  

To learn more about the benefits of cosmetic injectables, call your nearest Contours office or schedule an appointment online today.   

*Individual results may vary

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