All minutes purchased as of 2/14/20 must be used a year after the inital treatment date that use those minutes.

Laser Hair Removal - per minute

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  • Amount of minutes used per session is based on the amount of hair in the area as well as pain tolerance. Due to the fluctuations in a person's hormones each month, some sessions may be more painful than others due to more hair growth causing a change in sessoin length. These are average length times for areas being treated. Some patients may need more minutes, others may need less. 

    5 Minutes - Upper Lip and Chin, Underarms, Bikini Line, Fingers, Ears, Sideburns or Arreolas

    10 Minutes - Lower Face or Half Neck

    15 Minutes - Full Face, Full Neck, Full Bikini, Forearms, Chest, Abdomen or Shoulders

    30 Minutes - Lower Legs, Full Arms, Half Back or Front Torso

    60 Minutes - Full Legs or Full Back