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Contours was established in 1998 by Dr. Frederick L. Stafford with the intentions of being a weight loss center. At the time, Dr. Stafford was given the opportunity to begin offering services such as Laser Hair Removal and Injectables. From that point on he focused all his energy into building an efficient and well-trained team to help each individual achieve the results they desire from start to finish. 


  • Frederick L. Stafford, MD

    Aesthetics Practitioners & General Surgeon

    Dr. Stafford has successfully performed thousands of procedures in both the operating room and in his Contours offices. Dr. Stafford's patients rate him as an "excellent" doctor who is very sensitive and accommodating to his patients' needs.  Read More ...

    Meet Dr. Stafford

Our Team

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  • Victoria  Juarez, RN
    Victoria Juarez, RN
    Certified Laser Technician & Registered Nurse
  • Kandice  Winn, RN, BSN
    Kandice Winn, RN, BSN
    Certified Laser Technician & Registered Nurse
  • Mayra  Fox, RN
    Mayra Fox, RN
    Certified Laser Technician & Registered Nurse
  • Jean Rhadeine Hernandez Montes
    Jean Hernandez Montes
    Nurse Practitioner
  • Iveta  Burmistre
    Iveta Burmistre
    Licensed Aesthetician
  • Laura  Cardenas
    Laura Cardenas
  • Gabrielle  Salud
    Gabrielle Salud
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